5 Best alternatives of Lucky Patcher 2018

Lucky Patcher Alternatives! But before that, what is lucky patcher and what does it do? Before having tea in cup, let we discuss about milk first.

Lucky Patcher may be a blessed thing for one who fond of playing games on smartphone. Or, it can be extremely useful for app lovers who use plenty of apps on their device. How it is actually useful that people talk about a lot? Well, lucky patcher is an android app which controls and changes parent features of any app. Meaning, it is very useful for getting unlimited features for android games. Lucky pather for android is absolutely free to use and it can get you unlimited chips, coins, weapons and a lot more according to games you’re playing.

Lucky patcher Alternatives

For usage of lucky patcher, you need to root your device. Rooting your device needs you to have enough knowledge about installing custom recovery and supersu. If you are not familiar with it then your device may get into bootloop. And, because of other limitations, users are using other similar apps like lucky patcher. Let’s discuss in details about alternatives of lucky patcher.

Alternatives of Lucky Pacther

  • Creehack

Creehack is the best alternative of lucky patcher that you should definitively try. Creehack is one stop solution for hacking and patching android games. It manipulates android game’s parent directory and lets you allow having unlimited points, gold, diamonds etc. Without any hustle, you will get paid features of any apps with the help of Creehack. The best part is that, you can use Creehack on your android smartphone without rooting.

  • AppSara

It is the one of the best lucky patcher like apps to get free in-app purchase. Many apps can’t patch settings to have free in-app purchase. But, AppSara is capable of patching large variety of apps which can not be patched by lucky patcher. It also works without root access. Another thing is that it will be available within small size. It will help you to bypass premium features which will available on payment.

  • Cheat Engine

Have you ever tried uninstalling system apps? Wait, what! You just couldn’t, isn’t it? But using Cheat Engine, we can do that too. It bypasses the normal cheat codes and provides the complete control of android game. This is also usable without rooting your device. There are many popular games where one will be facing difficulties passing certain level. But using cheat engine, you can cross those levels using all free features obtained utilizing cheat engine.

  • SB Game Hacker

This alternative is totally built for patching and hacking android games. If your android device is rooted and still unable to run lucky patcher, then this will be the best choice. SB Game Hacker apk can hack all major and popular games like 3D Snipe, Clash of Clans, On the Run, Subway Surfer, Route Z, Pokémon GO, Temple Run, r etc. and much more. You might get that this can harm your device upon downloading, but it won’t harm. Its because of its nature of patching apps and games.

  • Game Killer

As name suggests, it can hack or patch almost any android application. Within a single click, you can have full control android game and manipulate it according your need. It works on rooted device and hence you need to root your device first. There are many guides available for rooting. You will be easily able to root your device following those guides. Game Killer app inoculates the app from the background of running game and permits you to any change you want. You can also select the parameters of apps you want to modify in stead of entire app.


So, this was all about best alternatives of lucky patcher which you should try at least once. However, lucky patcher is also useful app for removing unwanted ads and pop-ups, patching android apps and games, bypass premium verification and more. I hope you will like this list of android game hackers. Keep visiting Androlee and enjoy unlimited features of android apps and games. Have a nice day!

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